it seems, that this project has finally come to its end. All books are back to their owners...
( yes, Di, I know....)
I want to say thank you!
We had a good time together and it seems to be quite normal in life, that people meet, walk a short while together and seperate again...
...like a plait of beautiful shining hair.
Or like a plaid woven from the colours of creativity.
At least we happily played together!!

I did never guess from the beginning how much there is to learn while being part of such a project.
I appreciate very very much what I got back, albeit you haven't seen all the amazing pages.
Perhaps you would like to come back for a last note, too...

Thank you all very very much!
A big hug and lots of Love from




Hi girls! Ceri's journal arrived at last to destination! This was an extraordinary experience! Thanks again Uschi to start it and all of you for such a great time and expectation. I cherish my traveling journal as unique. And this is me, with one of my favourite hats! (ok I don't use it very often)

(just curious if Di received my pages)


It's My Birthday!

Hello - I still haven't given up on my journal.

Could I have it back now please?


Ceri's Journal

arrived safe! Thank you Dawn! and "we" are looking all pages carefully....so beautiful job you all did! This is the first journal I get that is completed, the other ones were just at the beginning or later on but I'm the last one for this one. I will do my best to send it fast Ceri, in the meantime have just a little pick.




Hello - do you still have my journal? Ceri x


the next pages....

are from Caty and Ceri...
Yes it's two years ago and there is still one journal on its long journey.
All my best wishes for you all for this new year and thanks for your beautiful pages.

I like this island, you created, Caty and who, please,
lives on the small round island down in the south-west?

Caty your pages are so full of ocean and coast, water and light....amazing!

And Ceri this is one of the bestest things I could have imagined to happen: inspiring each other!
Here you finally are able to see Di's response to your entry!
Lucky guy with this signal-"hat".
your garden in spring is very beautiful and some nettle-tea would be most welcome!
A Bientot!!


Where is my journal?

Hello - I don't know where it is but I'd really like my journal back... could you send it please?